Tours for Microsoft Teams

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There are well over 10 Tours available within SmarterTour that help you get more out of the Microsoft Teams application.


Shows you how to use Activity feed from the navigation bar on the left. It holds a summary of everything that’s happened in the team channel you follow - mentions, replies and other notifications. You’ll be taught how to set filters for specific searches and how to track your own activity.

Create channel

Shows you how to add and manage channels, set preferences for favourite channels to obtain and maintain a better structure for team work. Also includes tips for conversations in a channel.

Create a chat

Shows you how to create a chat and invite your colleagues to start a conversation. A chat is also suitable for exchanging information in a small group that is not (necessarily) team-relevant.

Create team

Shows you how to create, manage and maintain an overview of your teams. A team is a group of people working together on specific tasks, e.g. a project team or a department. Within a team, all members can see everything and participate in any conversation.

Delete channel

Shows you what happens when deleting a channel, how files shared in channels will be affected, which files remain available in the channel, and which items will be deleted.

Delete team

Shows you what happens when deleting a team and how the team’s content, which includes conversations, files, tasks and content from the apps that have been added here, will be affected. Instead of deleting the team, you can just rename it under the same menu. Despite the deletion of the team, you'll still see a team website in SharePoint.

Exit chat

Shows you how to exit a chat. You won’t be able to see the new messages in the chat, however all of the historical information, including shared files, will still be visible to you.

Files vs. Wikis

Shows you how you can differentiate between files and wikis, and, more importantly, how best to work with these separate functionalities.

Manage files

Shows you multiple ways to access files and how to manage them. You’ll see different documents’ sources: from the Microsoft Teams view, to the Downloads view, to documents from your cloud storage.


Shows you how to schedule both your team and private meetings not just through Outlook, but also directly in Microsoft Teams. This tour also shows you how to manage your appointments and their details.


Shows you how to specify which activities you’ll be notified of, and in which way. You are going to learn how to manage and adjust your personal settings.

Save message

Shows you how to save messages, so you can easily retrieve them at a later point in time.

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