Release 3.4.0 (Feature)

Modified on: 2022-03-22 11:03:31 +0100

Please note that Release Notes are subject to change, until the Release itself has actually taken place.

Release Schedule:

  • Date:  17.02.2022
  • Time: 8-9 AM
  • Impact:
    • no downtime
    • Duration: 45 MINS


  • Text Editor

    • Markdown-Editor added to Frontend

    • User is able to stylize text in the "Create Element" Tab

  • PlaylistInPlaylist: Standardized view

  • Unable to re-publish a Playlist

    • Playlist List added to Manage Tab in Frontend

    • Ability to edit and publish/republish a playlist


  • Redesign Edit Element

  • Nativ support for external ADD Users (Guests)

  • "onmouseover" function while navigating through items

  • View in edit-mode now left-aligned

  • Editable certificates

    • Filled text fields (mentioned here) are set to read-only 

  • Points and barcode disabled in portal



  • #1157: Picture preview in edit-mode fixed

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