Release 5.0 (feature) - current Release

Modified on: 2023-10-18 09:42:13 +0200

Please note that Release Notes are subject to change, until the Release itself has actually taken place.

Release Schedule:

Date:  Ocrober, 17th 
Time: 8-11 AM
  • Downtime: no downtime
  • Duration: 10 min


1541Add Content Rating
1542Exam functionality
1546Customizable Links on Tenant Logo for Private/Public Links
1551New Tile design
1553Playlists on mobile: "Turn your device" info
1554Move Main Menu entries to Top Menu
1560Exams: Create new tags does not work
1561Add Completed Icon to advanced search results
1562My Learnings: Open certificate in new tab
1563Cancel in Edit Element/Playlist should close Edit screen


1543Playlist: Cut Description when more than one line high
1544Alternating line background for lists in frontend
1549Tags: Add usage count and order by it
1555Hide content when parent playlist not visible
1564Content Rating window to large on mobile


1547Too many colons
1556Catalogue Search does not work on mobile
1557Feedback in Exams doesn't work.
1559Custom Property crashes in saved search

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